Tracks Of The Week


Every Friday at TeamRock, we would go to the pub and talk about the best new releases, but instead we stay at the office and tell you about them. We hope you appreciate the arrangement.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINEPlaying God With a title like Playing God, it’s no surprise that this song from Bullet For My Valentine’s recently released fifth album, Venom, is epic and dramatic from the word go. Despite a bone crunchingly heavy crescendo, though it’s also one of the Welsh metalcore merchants’s most melodic and catchy tunes to date. Are they going soft on us?

NECK DEEPThreat Level Midnight Wrexham pop-punks Neck Deep have been getting a lot of attention in the run up to their now released second album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, and it’s clear to hear why when you listen to this song. Full of energy and angst – not to mention instantly catchy hooks – it’s an example of what pop-punk can be when made with emotion and intelligence. Instead of, you know, fart gags.

CHRIS CORNELLNearly Forgot My Broken Heart The first song from the Soundgarden man’s forthcoming fourth solo record is a gently lilting, almost acoustic, kind of jangly number that’s driven by what sounds like a banjo. Yes, a banjo. Which is maybe about as far from grunge as you can get, but Cornell’s vocals are still as commanding and powerful as ever.

BOYSETSFIRECutting Room Floor So this is pretty cool – rather than debuting this brand new song on a music website, radical political types Boysetsfire only made it available on the Facebook page of one of their fans. It’s a typically impassioned, surging blast of melodic post-hardcore, and you don’t even have to be friends with the guy to listen to it! Power to the people

DONOVAN WOLFINGTONSadhead The lead-up to the second album by New Orleans-based noise punks Donovan Wolfington was a bit of a mess – members left, and the guy whose studio they were using to record it sadly died. But they got it done, and ‘Sadhead’ is a delicious slice of fuzzy, grungey shoegaze that should leave you feeling all loved up.

OKILLY DOKILLYThey Warned Me So here’s a bit of weirdness for your weekend – a Ned Flanders-themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly. As odd as that sounds, the Phoenix band are actually really awesome – just listen to this first track from the self-styled Heavy Nedal band’s demos EP, and then be upset you didn’t think of it first.