Tracks of the Week


Every Friday on TeamRock, we like to sit back and ruminate on the week’s latest releases. Then we write about them here, because science hasn’t invented a mind reading app yet. It could happen, but in the meantime, enjoy these gems from the last seven days…

**DEFEATER – Unanswered **Few bands in the hardcore scene have the artistic ambition of Massachusetts’ Defeater, whose albums have chronicled the lives of a family living in the time of WW2. This fourth LP is written from the point of view of the family’s priest, who’s seen here in the throes of his own struggle as he wrestles with his own morality. “I was a good man once” screams singer Derek Archmabault, bringing the character to life both within the narrative and, 70 years later in the real world, outside of it.

**FRANK TURNER – Glorious You **Frank Turner has been going from strength to strength since he pursued a solo career following the dissolution of Million Dead – not just in terms of his success, which continues to grow, but in terms of his songwriting; it just keeps getting better and better. This uplifting song – from the new album Positive Songs for Negative People, out now – is yet another example of how Turner has honed his craft to be a devastating mix of nuance and power that hits you right in the heart.

**FOXFIRES – An Odyssey **Four Year Strong keyboard player Josh Lyford left the pop-punk outfit in 2011 to focus on Foxfires, his hardcore band. As all 73 seconds of this song attest, it was a good decision – this is a strong and savage, gruff and tough tune that’s as unrelenting as it is unforgiving, and whose powerful punch leaves you bruised and battered by the end. Any longer and it’d probably knock you out.

**MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK – Lose Control **Minneapolis’ Motion City Soundtrack have always had a knack for writing the most catchy of hooks, and this track, from their forthcoming sixth album, Panic Stations, is no different – except for the fact that it’s got much darker (almost Weezer-esque) undertones than usual. Still, even downbeat for these guys ends up feeling pretty damn good.

**NO DEVOTION – Addition **There’s a beautiful shimmer to this anthemic new track from No Devotion. Geoff Rickly’s voice is heavy with emotion and wistful torment, but it nevertheless soars high above a surging, dramatic tune. The new wave leanings of previous No Devotion songs have given way slightly to a more (retro-)futuristic sheen, but the aesthetic and sound of the band remains the same.

**NEVERMEN – Tough Towns **Faith No More’s Mike Patton has always dabbled with different sounds outside of that band – just listen to Peeping Tom or Tomahawk – but this collaboration with TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and rapper Doseone must be the most experimental yet. Started in 2008, this is their first song, and it swerves between hip-hop, rock and avant-garde weirdness, yet is also strangely catchy.