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Why does A's drummer spend breakfast time making toast sculptures?

A drummer Adam Perry makes toast sculptures

Friends of ‘A’ and Bloodhound Gang drummer Adam Perry may have noticed that he’s been getting creative in recent months. Photos of ever-increasingly intricate toast sculptures began to appear each morning on his Facebook page and then an Instagram account called 2slicesoftoast. In the last few days, his efforts have been celebrated in the New York Post and ITV’s lunchtime news. TeamRock caught up with Perry to find out how he’s become the toast of the internet. We won’t apologise for that.

You’ve toured the world with ‘A’ and the Bloodhound Gang, but now you’ve become an internet celebrity for cutting up toast. What started it off?

Adam: “Our youngest daughter, Scarlett has servere allergies to all dairy, egg, nuts and any many more. She’s only nine and is so fearful of eating the wrong thing. Everyday she eats just two slices of toast for breakfast. I felt really sorry for her, so I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh. I made a very crude model of the London Eye and she ate it with a smile on her face. After that, I promised the girls I’d make something out of toast every morning.”

Perry's toast art is the best thing since sliced... oh

Perry's toast art is the best thing since sliced... oh

What limitations do you set yourself?

“I only ever use two slices of white bread, and try to make something in the time it takes the kettle to boil.”

What are your tools of the trade?

“White bread, a scalpel, Blu-Tack, Golden Syrup, thread, spread. That’s about it. The odd bit of glue, if its real tricky. We don’t eat those ones, though.”

Is white toast easier to use than wholemeal? The structural integrity is lost once you’ve added butter.

“Totally. I ran out of the bread we normally have and used granary for one day. It was a disaster.”

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A Beastie Boys-inspired ghetto blaster

Image 2 of 17

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven

Image 3 of 17

The Christ The Redeemer statue to celebrate the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Image 4 of 17

London Bridge

Image 5 of 17

The Statue Of Liberty

Image 6 of 17

Toasthenge, where the bread banshees live and they do live well

Image 7 of 17

Prince's 'Love Symbol'

Image 8 of 17

A toaster

Image 9 of 17

The Nike Swoosh, but in bread

Image 10 of 17

The Perry's family dog, Buddy

Image 11 of 17

Star Trek or something

Image 12 of 17

A flip-flop

Image 13 of 17

A boat

Image 14 of 17

The Colosseum in Rome

Image 15 of 17

A dinosaur

Image 16 of 17

The Welsh flag

Image 17 of 17

Usain Bolt's 'lightning bolt' victory stance

Do you plan what you’re going to do or are you inspired by world events?

“I don’t plan it. I just get inspired by whats going on, like the Olympics at the moment. Just music… anything really, but more often than not I don’t know what I’m going to make right until the toast pops up. It’s stressful, keeps me awake at night.”

What’s been your most trickiest creation?

“I would say the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer. The simple ones are sometimes the best though.”

Are they all eaten afterwards? Or have some been preserved in a plastic box for posterity?

“No, they’re either eaten by my daughter, by me, our dog – or binned. I’ve got to clear up and get on with the day.”

Have you been tempted to do any metal-themed toast sculptures?

“Yes, I’ve already made a tribute to Prince, Led Zep and the Beastie Boys, but Rush need a mention, as do Deftones.”

You’ve been on the telly showing off your work. What do ‘A’ and Bloodhound Gang think of your newfound fame?

“Mental! It’s been the butt of a few jokes, but overall it’s gone down well.”

What’s your favourite bread-related band name?

Meat Loaf.”

Get out. Bread talk aside, when can we next expect more ‘A’ activity?

“Soon I hope! After Download last year, we really wanted to do a tour. But we want to make sure it’s off the back of new stuff, so we plan to get recording next month. I’m looking forward to doing the toast on tour.”

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