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Japanese synchronised swimmers set routine to Kamelot

Japanese swimmers

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV over the past two weeks, you’ll no doubt have noticed all the bloody sport going on at the moment. So much sport. Too much sport for one brain to physically deal with. Every where you look there are groups of athletic humans throwing, running, jumping, rowing and swimming their way to glory.

That’s right, it’s the Olympics.

In the interest of transparency, the below video isn’t from this year’s games in Rio, it’s from the Technical Duet Preliminary Kazan World Championships in 2015 – but that doesn’t stop it being any less impressive or metal. Japanese duo Yukiko Inui and Risako Mitsui soundtracked their entire routine with the air-grabbing, fist-raising sounds of power metal of Kamelot! Incorporating songs The Spell and Karma into the performance, this is probably the most ‘epic’ synchronised swimming entry you’ll ever see. Hail!

Apparently, the pair performed the same routine at the Olympics but we haven’t seen it. Did you see it? Did it rule?

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