This is what Linkin Park's Numb would sound like if remixed by animals

Linkin Park

While Linkin Park slave away over a hot production console and knock their seventh studio album into shape, someone has posted a unique version of their single Numb on YouTube.

Their 2003 song, which appeared on their second album Meteora, has also appeared on the soundtrack to the Pro Evolution Soccer game, UFC brawler Paul Kelly chose the track as his entrance theme and they even got Jay Z to mix it up and spit it out as part of their Collision Course collaboration a year later.

But for reasons known only unto themselves, one fan has decided these variations aren’t enough and has created a version featuring a host of dogs, a fox, a braying donkey and some shouting goats. Oh, and they’ve named it Linkin Bark for good measure.

Be warned – once you’ve heard this version, it will ruin the original. It’s almost like they’re taking the piss or something.

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