This is Korn's setlist from their Follow The Leader anniversary show


Last month, Korn's Follow The Leader album turned 20 years old, and as you might expect the Bakersfield heavyweights decided to mark the occasion with a handful of anniversary shows. 

Follow The Leader is the album that gave us the definitive rock club rager Freak On A Leash and nu-metal classic Got The Life, but also included guest spots from Fred Durst and Ice Cube on All In The Family and Children Of The Korn respectively (because, y'know, the 90s).

Sadly, not every song on Follow The Leader received an airing, but Korn did play B.B.K. and Reclaim My Place for the first time since 1999, and Justin in full for the first time ever!

Here is Korn's banger-heavy 17-song setlist from the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco that we would VERY MUCH LIKE TO SEE IN THE UK PLEASE.

1. It's On!
2. Freak on a Leash
3. Got the Life
4. Dead Bodies Everywhere
5. B.B.K.
6. Reclaim My Place
7. Justin
8. Blind
9. Clown
10. Somebody Someone
11. Falling Away From Me
12. Coming Undone
13. Y'All Want a Single


14. 4 U
15. Make Me Bad
16. Here To Stay
17. My Gift To You