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This genius Metallica vs Mariah Carey mash-up is the greatest Christmas song in history

Metal doesn’t have a great track record with Christmas songs. Put aside King Diamond’s gleefully malevolent No Presents For Christmas and AC/DC’s predictably saucy Mistress For Christmas, and you’re left with a load of  godawful albums featuring the likes of Dee Snider and Alice Cooper massacring yuletide chestnuts that afe more jingle balls than jingle bells. If only someone had the genius idea of splicing together a stone cold classic Xmas hit with one of metal’s greatest songs…

Wait, what’s that? Someone has?! Well, shove some sprouts up our backsides and smother us in apple sauce, who’d have thought it?

The guilty party is our old friend and YouTube mash-up king William Maranci, who has mashed up Mariah Carey‘s All I Want For Christmas Is You and Metallica’s For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Normally, we'd greet something like this with a sarcastic eye roll that says, ‘Yeah, we're sure that’s gonna sound really good’. But this one actually sounds REALLY, honest-to-god good, verging on the brilliant. We're not sure what we love about it more: James Hetfield screaming himself hoarse about impending death over the top of the kind of bubbly tune you’ll be hearing in department stores between now and December 25, or the fact that one of the all-time great Metallica riffs sounds even better with jingle bells over the top of it. 

Check it out and make up your own mind. We're just crossing our fingers that Cannibal Corpse/Bing Crosby mash-up arrives in time for Christmas.