The ultimate workout playlist by Walls Of Jericho's Candace Puopolo

Walls Of Jericho's Candace Kucsulain

Here’s a little background on my lifting adventures. I’ve been powerlifting for six years, and had the honour and pleasure to train and learn alongside some of the best. I do the Westside Method, and I’ve been working with Laura Phelps Sweatt for five years now. She has a brilliant way of programming Conjugate (a method of powerlifting).

My meet lifts are as follows:

Raw: Squat 270lbs, Bench 203lbs, Deadlift 335lbs.
In Gear: Squat 420lbs, Bench 280lbs, Deadlift 440lbs.

I am a strength coach at Total Performance Sports in Massachusetts – the owner Murph is a great ambassador for the sport. I’ve been fortunate enough to find something else outside of the band that I am very passionate about. I’m so grateful that I get to do it for a living and pass on to others what I’ve learned along the way.

Atmosphere is crucial, so I tend listen to music that strikes a chord in me emotionally. Here are the songs and some lyrics that help me focus and keep me driven.

Ramallah – The Horror And The Gag

“Time is the fire in which we burn.
The bitter ash and dust of hate choke what remains.
So don’t breathe a mote about fate or faith,
‘Cause those words and their toll leave so many so cold.
And the story’s so old yet it never gets told,
But it’s written in the scars on the wrists of the lost,
In the cold of life”.

Modern Life Is War – Martin Atchet

“He’s coming through the swing door,
He doesn’t give a fuck no more,
‘Cause no-one ever gave a fuck about him.
A horrible little monster born into a life of pain,
The only way to relieve the hate.”

American Nightmare – Love American

“You go nowhere in a nowhere town,
And no-one’s listening to the sound,
Of breaking down and breaking out,
Is just wishful thinking.”

All Out War – Soaked In Torment

“Soaked in torment, victim of lies, materialistic, lost in demise,
I reject your values, I have my own faith, I have no trust, in the human race.
Seek the truth, ignore all the ignorance, that they shove down your throats,
This world serves to corrupt, and to poison your soul.”

Wisdom In Chains – Chasing The Dragon

“My eyes are wide open and my soul’s on fire,
All those years I was living a lie,
But last night hardcore saved my life.”

Life Of Agony – Underground

“If you don’t walk with me, I will walk alone,
Hard enough to believe in myself.
When I know they don’t believe in me,
Unwilling to change for society.”

Left For Dead – Skin Graft

“Lessons learned, paid in blood,
You’re not human.
Why don’t I cut off your head,
And we’ll call it negative reinforcement.”

Born Against – Mary And Child

“Once again the battle field is your body,
And those who want control have laid down their terms,
In black and white and red all over.
They keep the backstreet butchers in business,
As advertised from a bullhorn.”

The Red Chord – Antman

“Eyes so strong,
Staring and torturing me for so long.
So tell me about this life,
Filled with guilt, fear and emptiness.
Ash for teeth and gums,
Eden is laid to rest.”

Sheer Terror – Be Still, My Heart (You’re Killing Me)

“Wrap my fingers around your neck,
You throw your arms around my heart,
And I want to die.”

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