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Walls Of Jericho: No One Can Save You From Yourself

Detroit’s melodic hardcore heroes detonate once more

After an eight-year absence, Walls Of Jericho are back with furious vengeance and rebellion in their hearts.

This is a ‘fuck you’ to anyone who ever stood in the Detroit mob’s way, as invigorating as it is defiant, and hits harder than a battering ram made of biceps. The punked-up fury that powers through the 13 tracks is jammed with more energy than the Duracell bunny on a Red Bull binge and is as subtle as a razorblade to the retinas.

Candace Kucsulain’s huge vocals are intertwined with pummelling drums and stabbing guitars, leaving bruises on the inside of your skull. You can almost hear the spit flying at the mic as the mob snarl and scream through highlights Cutbird, Reign Supreme, Anthem and the title track.

Laden with gang chants and more heavy-duty breakdowns than the RAC receive all year, this adrenaline-fuelled album is a bomb that’s ready for the pit.