The Best Things You'll Read This Year: The Blogs

Let’s face it, the internet was basically built so that music fans could argue the toss about their favourite bands (whaddya mean “No it wasn’t?). But opinion pieces don’t have to be the equivalent of rolling a grenade in a rom and then watching the carnage. They can champion the underdog, tell an over-looked truth, stand up for the good guys. Here’s five of our favourite contrary Marys from this year:

The day METALLICA trolled the world

1. The Day Metallica Trolled The World

“In the days and weeks leading up to their historic Glastonbury set, Metallica quietly watched the online backlash unfold,” says TeamRock Online Editor Simon Young. “Judging by the comments on Twitter and Facebook, they were as welcome as a farting dog in a hot car. Paul Brannigan’s blog, however, explains why the band were always destined to have the last laugh…”

Blog: In Praise of Monster Magnet

2. In Praise Of Monster Magnet

Take a Pet Shop Boys nut and ask him to explain his love for the one hard rock band he adores, and you get acid house, The Smiths, Dr Who, the Fantastic Four, and a brilliant outsider’s explanation of the appeal of Monster Magnet.

Blog: Why Adam Lambert is the perfect man for Queen

3. Why Adam Lambert Is The Perfect Man For Queen

In the age of Facebook, when any news of Adam Lambert’s work with Queen is greeted with instant derision by those who spend their lives instantly deriding such news, we found a man willing to argue back. And then we asked him to write about it. He talks a_ lot_ of sense.

Opinion: Why Izzy Stradlin was the heart of Guns N' Roses

4. Why Izzy Stradlin Was The Heart Of Guns N’ Roses – by Alan Niven, the band’s original manager

Chosen by Classic Rock’s Online Editor Fraser Lewry: “Who better to write about Guns N’ Roses’ beating, tattooed heart than the man attempting to corral the chaos from the sidelines? Alan Niven managed the band when they were good, but he’s also a very good writer, delivering breakneck prose that’s vivid, a little bit gonzo, and surprisingly tender.”

Was The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper A Signpost To Prog?

5. Did The Beatles help invent prog?

A very popular think piece on whether Sgt Pepper was the gateway for the development of prog. (Answer: yes!)