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The best new metal albums you can buy this week

A press shot of Creeper

Creeper - Eternity In Your Arms

“The defining moment on Eternity, In Your Arms, Creeper’s long-awaited debut album, is also its most unexpected. Just over halfway through, Room 309 – a raging punk song and one of the heaviest tracks here – builds to its gentler, acoustic climax. Frontman Will Gould and keyboardist Hannah Greenwood’s voices blend harmoniously before giving way to the sound of a mass of chirping insects. This, in turn, introduces Crickets. An entirely acoustic track, its country-tinged sway is simultaneously a total surprise and the perfect antidote to what’s come before.”

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Memoriam - For The Fallen

”‘From the darkness comes light, from the sadness comes joy, from the despair comes hope. This is Memoriam.’ So says vocalist Karl Willets, he of Bolt Thrower fame, of his new band’s positive modus operandi. Karl, along with his old scene pal, Benediction bassist Frank Healy, started Memoriam as a means to process their grief following the respective deaths of Bolt Thrower drummer Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns and Frank’s father.”

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Moonloop - Devocean

“Though thematically similar and as creatively expansive as Mastodon’s Leviathan, the maritime-inspired tales of Devocean are a heady mix of Death’s dizzying six-string mastery and the experimental realms of progressive metal.”

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Me And That Man - Songs Of Love And Death

“Pretty much as far away from Nergal’s day job as the creative force for extreme metal veterans Behemoth as you can get, his newly minted side-project will put more noses out of joint than Conor McGregor. “

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Northlane - Mesmer

“Plenty of bands could take a leaf out of Northlane’s book. A little over 18 months on from Node, they’re back with a fourth full-length. Of course, being prolific is all well and good, but is the album any good? Actually, yes.”

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