The Best New Rock Album Releases This Week

A photograph of Ian Hunter on stage in 2013
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Ian Hunter – Fingers Crossed

We loved this album. Pure, unadulterated, 910 loved it, with our reviewer pointing out that “Hunter has written and recorded more exhilarating, evocative or provocative songs since he turned 60 than any of his superstar contemporaries have managed”. As you can imagine, it’s a rollicking set of rock’n’toll infused with blues, folk and offbeat lyricism, and it’s well worth a listen. Read the full review here.

Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell

Do you like to party? If the answer is no, you should probably skip this one. Airbourne deal in the kind of unapologetic, ‘party anthem’ rock’n’roll that would no doubt make their fellow countrymen AC/DC proud. Breakin’ Outta Hell might not win any prizes for originality, but it will make you want to crack a beer. Read the full review here.

Lordi – Monstereophonic

Sure, you know them as the novelty band who stormed Eurovision in 2006, but Lordi have actually been making consistently decent – if incredibly silly – music since 1992. This, their eighth album, carries on in this trend, with our reviewer calling it “an intriguing proposition crammed with thrashy riffs, theatrical turns, big choruses and blazing solos”. Read the full thing here.

Beware Of Darkness – Are You Real?

The second album from rock’n’roll’s ‘next big thing’ has been a while in the making – three years, to be precise – but was well worth the wait. Steeped in classic rock’s heritage, with it’s Zep-isms and smoky blues-rock, the trio also pull off the impressive trick of making it sound “ decidedly futuristic, like the first Top 10 hit of the 22nd century”. Read the full review here.

Led Zeppelin – The Complete BBC Sessions

Does the world really need another Led Zeppelin reissue? It’s a question worth asking, but in this case, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. With an extra, third CD containing a whole lotta (sorry…) new, lost and alternative versions, our reviewer gave this “the lot” collection a whopping 910, noting that “the power – ultimately the power of the band itself – remains undeniable and overwhelming”. Read the full review here.

Gregg Allman – No Stranger To The Dark: The Best Of Gregg Allman

He may have been no angel – collaborator Tony Colton once remarked that “he had a drug habit that made Keith Richards look like a health freak” ­– but when he was firing on all cyllinders, Gregg Allman was something special. Unfortunately, the meat of this best-of is mainly taken from his less remarkable late-80s albums, possibly making it one for the completists only. Check out the full review here.

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