The 10 best Wetherspoons pubs, as chosen by Black Coast

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When we’re on tour, we like nothing more than to go and dine in a good old Wetherspoons. As a touring band, you've gotta find that pint and burger deal, a place that’s always good for a laugh, and guarantees to get some bloke leathered in the corner falling off his stool.

So here are our our top ten Wetherspoons across the UK!

10. The Red Well, Wellingborough

What we ordered: Four pints of Hop House 13 and one pint of Strongbow

This 'Spoons was pretty small but everyone was pissed up, and a fight broke out at like 2pm. Two very intoxicated gents started arguing over whose turn it was to pay for the jukebox, and there’s only so many times you can listen to Livin' On A Prayer before a fight breaks out… it was ridiculously funny, though.

9. Stick Or Twist, Leeds

What we ordered: Two pints of Stella, one large Pepsi, one rum and Coke and a Strongbow. Two beef lasagnes, two cheesy garlic breads, one chicken burger and a mixed grill (Matty was hungry)

For some reason people were throwing fireworks about outside which was pretty mad, and somehow no one was injured. We managed to get a booth by the window to watch the chaos ensue. The food was nice and the drinks went down easily, too.

8. The Waterhouse, Manchester

What we ordered: Too many pints, not enough food

We were on tour with Death Remains at the time, I think it was the first run of shows we had done with them. We had a good session, we easily outdrank them before load-in, beat them at rock paper scissors and they ended up having to load our gear in – sorry lads!. It was of our first times on the road, they're a great bunch of guys, you should go and check that band out!

7. The Henry Bessemer, Workington

What we ordered: Two cheeseburgers, one side of wings, one cheesy garlic bread, one chicken burger, two all day breakfasts. Washed down with two pints of Guinness, two pints of Fosters, two pints of Strongbow and a Pepsi

A massive 'Spoons in a huge hall. It's very busy though, it seems like the entire population of the Workington Retirement Club heads to 'Spoons for their Friday fish, chips, and sprinkling of peas – everyone was at least 80. The food was ace, although it took an age to get served as we had to fight through the maze of walking sticks and flying dentures!

6. The Sir Richard Owen, Lancaster

What we ordered: Five coffees, four orange juices and a Stella (you animal, Chaz!)

Pretty small but it was football day. Everyone was pretty hungover from the night before so we sat in the beer garden, nursed our heads and all ended up getting sunburnt. Probably the most exciting event of the day was Matty falling asleep at the table, resulting in him being the human Buckaroo.

5. The Booking Office, Edinburgh

What we ordered: Eight pints of Stella, two pints of Strongbow, three pints of Fosters, a few shots and a salad

Great food, mad heads, we pretty drunk in this one... I have some vague recollection of using the salt pot to write ‘Black Coast woz ere’ on the edge of our table, only for Joe to blow it across the room into a bunch of old Scots enjoying their Sunday morning pints. They weren’t happy, and started mumbling at us in their thick Scottish accents.

4. The Ice Wharf, London

What we ordered: Seven pints of Coors, three pints of Stowford Press, a pint of Pepsi and round of cheeseburgers

Camden Town. It was a really nice day and we didn’t want to leave because the drinks were cheap and cheerful, and drinking by the river was picturesque to say the least. The food was a big plus seeing as we couldn’t decide on anywhere, and like most people on tour, the easy option is Spoons.

3. The Gold Cape, Flintshire

What we ordered: Four pints of Hop House, two pints of Strongbow, two pints of Carlsberg, fours of Fosters and five all-day breakfasts

Spent a fair bit of time in this one. We got to the venue early so our first port of call was to find a 'Spoons and get that all-day breakfast in. A weird set up, but it's right next to the venue and it had a good atmosphere – it even had the token guy in the outdated football top ploughing all his cash into the fruit machine, punching it every time he lost, and a table of empty pint glasses stacking up beside him. Aside from that, the food was great, the plates were hot, and the pints were stone cold!

2. The Cordwainer, Northampton

What we ordered: Two pints of Thatchers Gold, two pints of Devil's Backbone American IPA, four pints of Fosters, one pint of Pepsi Max, three cheeseburgers, two all-day breakfasts and one cheesy garlic bread

This was one of the first places we toured, so we were hoping for a similar situation as the 'Spoons in Wellingborough. Sadly, no such event occurred, but the owner of the place did allow us to put on our TV channel of choice! I don’t think that the hard-nut locals in Northampton appreciated having Loose Women on full volume as we consumed our food and beverages, but we managed to escape intact to play a blinder of a show at The Lab.

1. The Wheatsheaf, Stoke-on-Trent

What we ordered: Countless pints, shots, bombs and more

It's gotta be the number one for us, being our hometown and all. We've have pre-gig drinks with friends, fans, and family many times over the years. Last time we were there a bunch of friends who were sat in a booth in the corner started screaming the words to our songs as we were trying to order our food – only slightly embarrassing but entertaining to say the least. We’re proud to say we’re Stokies, we’ve always been humbled by the support we’ve received since starting Black Coast and we always make a huge effort to put on the best show possible. It’s the least we can do! 

Check out Black Coast's new video for Break The Routine below. The band are playing release show at the Old Blue Last in London on August 14.