The 10 best The Ghost Inside songs, as chosen by MSRY

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside are one of the premier bands in melodic hardcore. Their blend of the emotive and crushing sides of heavy music set them apart from dozens of cookie cutter bands, earning them a legion of fans across the globe. A tragic bus accident in 2015 has since left them unable to continue as an active band, although last month the band reconvened and said there is a future for TGI, giving fans everywhere hope that we will see the Californian bruisers onstage again.

Oxford hardcore trio MSRY are just one such group who are chomping at the bit to see The Ghost Inside again, as they are very much superfans. So much so, that they've given us the ultimate top ten The Ghost Inside songs of all time! Check it out.

1. Mercy

Kial Churcher: "The slow and hard-hitting nature of this song makes it essential listening, but after the tragedy of their bus crash three years ago, their recovery process can be summarised in the line 'Life's swinging hard, but I'm swinging harder.' That's why it's the top of this list.” 

2. Unspoken

Keir French: "'You're the fuel to my fire, now watch me burn!' We take a lot of lyrical inspiration from The Ghost Inside having that never give up attitude, and having a point to prove detractors wrong – it's why we love this track so much."

3. Truth And Temper

Charlie Bishop: "Their earlier stuff just has this rawness to it, and a dirtiness to the sound that helped establish themselves a fanbase, which is richly deserved.”

4. Wide Eyed

Kial: “The Ghost Inside featuring one of my favourite vocalists, Jason Butler. What more could I possibly want in any song?!”

5. Outlive

Kier: “Beatdown City circa 2012. This song is just completely unforgiving and doesn't let up. The whole Get What You Give album is just full of these ridiculously heavy songs.“ 

6. Engine 45

Kial: “It's the track that got me into The Ghost Inside. I remember hearing that bell at the start of the track and the drop, and from then I was hooked.” 

7. Slipping Away

Charlie: “Another absolute banger from Get What You Give. The speed and melody is ridiculous from these guys.”

8. Dear Youth (Day 52)

Kial: “I remember listening to the entirety of Dear Youth over and over again in the summer of 2016. I was working two jobs, I was miserable, I had no band, I was having problems with my then-girlfriend and no plan going ahead... but this song and album helped me through that horrible time.”

9. Between The Lines

Kier: “'What do you stand for?!' If that's not one of the most punishing breakdown calls, then I don't know what is.”

10. Avalanche

Charlie: “What a way to start Dear Youth off! It sets the tone for the rest of the album and just does not let up.”

MSRY's new EP Safety First is out July 6, and you can watch their new video for Broken Teeth below.

MSRY UK tour dates

26 May: Oxford, Common People Festival
01 Jun: Oxford, O2 Academy (supporting Carcer City)
02 Jul: Manchester, Aatma
03 Jul: Newcastle, Little Buildings
04 Jul: Glasgow, Broadcast
05 Jul: Sheffield, The Mulberry Tavern
06 Jul: Norwich, B2
07 Jul: Bridgewater, The Cobblestones
08 Jul: London, 229 The Venue
09 Jul: Brighton, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

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