TeamRock Tracks of the Week


If music be the food of love, gorge yourselves stupid upon this smorgasbord, you starry-eyed fools...

The Used - Revolution

Call us cynical, but we’re not entirely convinced that global revolution will be initiated by a bunch of tattooed emo lunk-heads from Utah, but credit to The Used for attempting to raise conscious of Bad Things - genocide, corporate greed, state-sponsored terrorism, cucumbers - with their intense new video. Viva la revolucion, brothers and sisters!

Pixies - Ring The Bell

There’s a sweet little story about the genesis of this video - about how the two main stars filmed a homemade video for one of their boyfriends back in 2005 and it got 34 million views on YouTube and that led to them meeting the Pixies and blah blah blah - but we fear we might lose you if we carry on with this. So, whatever, the song is taken from Indie Cindy, and the video sees the aforementioned ladies collecting a load of old tat that hipsters (who’d almost certainly be riddled with bullets if there ever genuinely was a global revolution) get all faux-nostalgic about. The End.

Kerbdog - Electricity

Back in the 1980s, in the southern Irish town of Kilkenny, four young lads had their minds blown by Pixies, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Nirvana and decided to start a band of their own. They made two killer albums and then got buried by the music industry because suddenly BritPop was cool and noisy bastard rock wasn’t. But now they’re back (back! back!) with a forthcoming live album called Congregation, and this brand new song. Kerbdog rule, and this is ace, and we’ll have a brand new interview with frontman Cormac Battle on the site next week.

Audrey Horne - Out Of The City

Right, a quick test. Close your eyes, open your ears, and tell us who this sounds like? The answer, unless you’re a cloth-eared idiot, obviously, is Thin Lizzy. Elsewhere on their marvellous new album Pure Heavy the Norwegians doff a viking helmet in the direction of Van Halen and Def Leppard, and namecheck Nikki Sixx, all of which is excellent behaviour, not least because the members of Audrey Horne grew up on black metal and death metal and others sub-genres of extreme metal in which smiling and having fun is punishable by death. Good work Nordic fellas.

Ryan Adams - My Wrecking Ball

It’s a little known fact * that the wrecking ball on which Miley Cyrus swung so provocatively in her empowering and not-at-all titillating video for her global mega-smash Wrecking Ball actually belongs to country rock troubadour (and occasional bad-ass punk rocker) Ryan Adams. Here, in the second single lifted from his excellent new self-titled album, Ryan re-asserts his ownership of said wrecking ball in a rather beautiful, bruised song which will melt the hardest of hearts. Go Ryan!

  • Complete lie.

Ryan Adams with Johnny Depp - Mother (Danzig cover)

We know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking ‘Oi! TeamRock! More Ryan Adams!’ but wait, hear us out. How often do you see a tousle-haired country-rock pin-up joining forces with a bona-fide Hollywood superstar to cover a Danzig song onstage in London? Never, is your answer, never. This video is a bit crappy, with all due respect, but it’s a genuine rock n’ roll moment and that’s why it’s included here. So sue us.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (featuring Kylie Minogue) - Where The Wild Roses Grow

Back in 1995, Nick Cave invited doll-sized Antipodean pop princess Kylie Minogue to guest on his Murder Ballads album and the music world went into a frenzy of excitement because he used to be in punky drug-buckets The Birthday Party and she used to be in squeaky-clean soap opera Neighbours and those two worlds couldn’t possibly collide, or else. And then the two Australians crooned a rather lovely song about everlasting love and er, murder, and the world singularly failed to collapse in on itself. This utterly delightful reworking of the song was filmed at Koko in London on November 3, 2013 and is an out-take from Mr Cave’s marvellous new film 20,000 Days on Earth.

The Amsterdam Red Light District - Gone For A While

It might seem rather churlish to mention this, given that we’ve just been celebrating bands with names like Pixies and Kerbdog, but sometimes you look at a band name that is so irredeemably rubbish and think ‘Really? That’s the best name you could think of?’ Whatever, TARLD are French and mates with Refused, and therefore are much cooler than us, and the title track of their excellent new album is a bit of a belter.