TeamRock Tracks of the Week


Each week we round up the best new music and put it in a nice neat pile so that you can pick through it and discover a new song to soundtrack your life. So without further ado, here's this week's contenders...

Black Veil Brides - Faithless

This week we joined the BVB Army at the Scala in London for an exclusive playback of the forthcoming self-titled Black Veil Brides album. It’s fair to say that the faithful were blown away by what they heard. Now here’s your chance for a sneaky preview: are Andy Biersack and his boys set to own 2015?

New Found Glory - Ready and Willing

New Found Glory are heading to the UK in November headlining a bill packaged as the Pop Punk’s Not Dead tour. Ready And Willing - sadly not a cover of the Whitesnake classic - is sterling proof of that. By all accounts their upcoming Resurrection is every bit as good too. So that’s good news all round then. Hurrah.

The Datsuns - Bad Taste

We spoke to Kiwi rockers The Datsuns last week. They didn’t have a huge amount to say in fairness, presumably because they were knackered after delivering some high octane rock ‘n’ roll to a sweat-drenched but delirious crowd somewhere. Or else because they had nappies to change and couldn’t be arsed with our impertinent questions. Whatever, they’re back, this is taken from their new Deep Sleep album, and the video is kinda cool. Enough said.

Gates - Not My Blood

Where does shoegaze end and post-rock begin? It’s a question that has vexed mankind for literally seconds, but we’re not entirely sure that it’s something Gates have ever thought about. And that’s okay, because with the likes of Not My Blood, a taster for the New Jersey band’s upcoming Bloom & Breathe album, they’re doing a fine job of diverting people’s attention away from life’s big questions, by offering up shimmering guitars and sweet-ass vocal melodies. Good job fellas.

Blitz Kids - Perfect

Blitz Kids will release their third album The Good Youth in January. At least one track on it will sound exactly like Perfect. Which is no bad thing, we’re saying. This infectious anthem sees the young English rockers seeking a good reason why they shouldn’t slit their own throats: let’s hope they find one, because no-one wants that.

Mallory Knox - Shout At The Moon

2014 is fast becoming a landmark year for British rock, with the likes of Royal Blood, Marmozets and Lonely The Brave exceeding all expectations with their debut albums. Mallory Know will be hoping to stay ahead of the chasing pack with the release of their second album Asymmetry next month, and Shout At The Moon offers a strong case for their transition into genuine contenders.

Set It Off - Why Worry

Could Florida’s Set It Off be any perkier? We suspect not. This sounds like Panic! At The Disco hopped up on Sunny Delight, singing Backstreet Boys songs in the basement of a Las Vegas casino after taking the ‘House’ to the cleaners, and as such it’s cuter than a biscuit barrel full of frolicking day old puppies. Death Metal fans may want to steer clear.

The Ghost Inside - Avalanche

The Ghost Inside are markedly less cheerful than Set It Off, and thank goodness for that, because too much youthful exuberance gets a bit fucking wearing after a while. We’re not sure why the Californian hardcore crew are so mightily miffed here, but as that nice Mr Lydon once sang, anger is an energy and this little rager is as invigorating as a smack in the kisser.