TeamRock Tracks of the Week


If you're anything like us, you probably wake up each morning hoping that today will be the day that you hear a new piece of music that changes your life forever. Actually, if you're anything like us, you probably wake up with an aching head, a slice of pizza upturned on the pillow beside you and next door's cat licking your eyeballs. But we digress... The point is, music is awesome. And here's the best chunks of sound we heard this week.

No Devotion - Eyeshadow

The circumstances surrounding the birth of No Devotion could hardly be darker, but the band formed from the union of ex-Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly and five former Lostprophets are hellbent upon carving out a bright new future. The ‘AA’ side of the band’s debut single sounds like it was created on a Manchester housing estate in the mid ‘80s, but as this footage from the band’s debut UK tour demonstrates, it’s drawing in a whole new community of rock fans. The release of the sextet’s debut album in 2015 should be a genuine event.

Paramore - Last Hope

For the briefest of moments, it looked horribly like Paramore’s first ever UK festival headlining performance was going to end in tears, when the Tennessee band lost all stage power during their keenly anticipated set at Reading. It takes more than equipment malfunctions to derail Hayley Williams’ professionalism however, the pint-sized singer simply leading the crowd into an acapella version of The Only Exception, as 60,000 people fell in love just that little bit more. Here’s the band melting a few thousand more hearts in Chicago during their July US tour. Lighters at the ready folks…

Creeper - Gloom

Creeper are a brand new band from Southampton, so brand new in fact that they’ve played just one live show to date. If you’re in or around London you can catch show number two from the quintet at the Old Blue Last on September 13, if not, you’ll have to settle for this rather smart punky cut from the band’s self-titled EP, which is out now. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that there won’t be much more gloom enveloping this lot in the year ahead. See what we did there?

The One Hundred - Downfall

When rock bands first started incorporating elements from dance music into their sound, everyone was all, like, ‘OMG, this is THE FUTURE!’ Actually, no-one said ‘OMG’ because back then, as weird as it might seem now, even the thickest teenagers were capable of constructing sentences in English without resorting to moronic text speak. Anyways, whatever, the point is that sometimes, just sometimes, the whole rock/EDM thing can still sound like the soundtrack to a bright, shiny future, and this is one such instance. Well done gents.

Restorations - Separate Songs

Philadelphia’s Restorations are set to release their third album, the cunningly titled LP3, on October 27 via that fine US punk rock institution Side One Dummy. We’ll be honest, LP1 and LP2 by-passed us completely, but we’re liking what we hear this time around. The label’s press release describes the group as “smart people going hard”, which sounds quite terrifying if you allow your mind to wander over the various connotations of that phrase, so why not just listen to the song instead, eh?

Superheaven - Life In A Jar

Superheaven used to be called Daylight. But now they’re not. Which is handy for us, because we’d look like terrible eejits if we’d posted up their new single under the wrong band name. Anyways, this is taken from the quartet’s soon-to-be-re-released debut album Jar, and it sounds like sunshine, if sunshine grew up listening to Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins and the (wholly fictional) Now That’s What I Call Power-Pop! compilation series. Fuck Daylight, those guys are dead to us, we’re all about Superheaven now.

Twin Atlantic - Brothers and Sisters (Acoustic)

These are good times for Twin Atlantic. Their excellent Great Divide album debuted in the UK Top 10, they absolutely slayed at Reading Festival and this week they picked up a Best Independent Track gong at the the Association of Independent Music’s annual AIM awards in London. Which just goes to show that good things happen to good people. Here’s the pride of Scotland with an acoustic reworking of one of the stand-out tracks from their new album.

Jack White - The Same Boy You’ve Always Known / Entitlement

We end this week’s new music round up with a touch of class. Little Jackie White used to upholster furniture in one of America’s toughest cities, now he swans around French chateaux playing pretty melodies on an acoustic guitar, while everyone in his employ gets caned on champagne and foie gras and stuff. How times change. ‘The Same Boy You’ve Always Known’ my arse…