's Tracks Of The Week


Check out the seven songs that jumped our ear barriers and took the train to Riff City. Then flex your democratic right to vote by clicking on your favourite track below and find out who topped last week’s poll. There’s no prizes for the winners, though – just sweet, sweet kudos. And isn’t that more desirable than a big cheque and a shiny trophy? Yes, it is.

WILL HAVEN – The Comet The Sacramento quintet’s first new song since 2011, The Comet is beautifully dense and caustic, with a molasses-thick fuzz attack straining against a wall of haunting imperial synths. The astronomically-inclined ditty is taken from the EP Open The Mind To Discomfort, out in May in time for their UK tour.

AC/DC – Rock The Blues Away You’ll probably know this one already; the third single from Rock Or Bust has a message that’s particularly resonant after the band’s recent well-publicised troubles. Chris Slade takes the drumstool in the jubilant video (filmed in LA’s Dragonfly nightclub), as he does on the impending world tour.

**A DAY TO REMEMBER – City Of Ocala **This fourth single from the pop-punkers’ 2013 album Common Courtesy (self-released after a lawsuit with their label Victory), the City Of Ocala video is a touching personalised travelogue around the band’s sleepy Florida hometown, taking in family barbecues, rehearsal spaces and the drive-thru window through which the singer flings a flaming chicken. Fowl behaviour, there.

**CURTIS KNIGHT AND THE SQUIRES – Station Break (ft Jimi Hendrix) **This jaw-droppingly rare Hendrix-penned instrumental from 1965 kicks off with a heavy proto-Jaws bass riff, and although Jimi’s chirpy, vibrant solo is almost overshadowed by the magic vibraphone, this tight little R&B unit have palpable chemistry. The great news is that a whole album of their unheard recordings is forthcoming.

**NEW FOUND GLORY – One More Round **More Floridian pop-punk from NFG’s eighth album Resurrection. This unexpectedly bloody video depicts the scene veterans beaten and murdered in a shower of gore, which even their harshest critics will concede is “a bit much”. Definitely not for the squeamish.

**SLEEPING WITH SIRENS – Gold **A compulsive bit of emotive pop savvy by the fast-rising quintet, featuring the disarmingly high-pitched vocals of frontman Kellin Quinn. Taken from forthcoming fourth album Madness, which was evidently written to newly exacting standards after an entire album’s worth of material had already been recorded and scrapped.

**MUSE – Psycho **Psycho is the first taster from the space riff scientists’ forthcoming album, Drones – out June 8 – and opens with a grinding, swinging verse before spiralling off into a chorus filed under ‘Classic Muse’. Hands up who’s got tickets for their tiny club tour? You lucky, lucky people.


Voting closes at midday on March 20. The winner of last week’s poll was Faith No More, who fended off the opposition with their latest single, Superhero. Check it out below.