's Tracks Of The Week


These six tracks stood out like someone wearing trainers at a wedding. Listen to them and then cast your vote below. It’s that easy – and good practice for the coming general election, in a way.

GALLOWS – Mystic Death Watford-based metallic hardcore bruisers Gallows smartly kick off their latest track (from the forthcoming fourth album Desolation Sounds) with a hulking, imperial death metal intro of Bolt Thrower proportions. There follows the band’s signature discordant raucousness, with prime slamming tempos, spiteful spitting vocals and stressed-out treble abuse, lending a noise-rock edge to this walloping punk metal hate song.

FAITH NO MORE – Superhero It seemed appropriate that this song popped up on, where bassist Bill Gould waxed lyrical about the band’s comic book influences: “We kind of make movie scenes for movies that don’t exist,” he explains. “Superhero was one of those, where it was definitely a superhero comic”. The propulsive Superhero stomps along with a blunt metal crunch bringing to mind Surprise! You’re Dead!, building to a flamboyant descending gothic piano section with a windswept guitar solo and infectious ‘leader of men’ mantra.

**HALESTORM – Amen **Halestorm’s blend of sassy contemporary pop and country-tinged classic rock is, as Alan Partridge once said, “as American as mum’s apple tart and chocolate chip biscuits.” Aspirational call-and-response anthem Amen picks up its theme of workday frustration from Dolly Parton’s 9 To 5 and toughens it with some hard-living Aerosmith rebellion, made plain in the video as typographically-challenged frontwoman du jour Lzzy Hale rips off the receptionist’s headset before rocking a club stage.

THUNDER – The Thing I Want “We’re back. It’s that simple,” singer Danny Bowes tells Classic Rock this month, elucidating the statement that Thunder are making with their latest top ten-smashing comeback opus Wonder Days. This refreshingly guileless lack of pretension extends to the warm, rootsy swagger of foot-tapping singalong The Thing I Want, with a summery good-time vibe that’s literally life-affirming after guitarist/keyboardist Ben Matthews’ all-clear from cancer last year.

**THE PRODIGY – Wild Frontier **Continuing the theme of vengeful wildlife that Prodigy videos have recently made their own (with a cameo for the red fox from Nasty), in a hugely compelling stop-motion style reminiscent of Wallace and Gromit doing video nasties. Wild Frontier sees the Essex dance punks getting misty-eyed for the good old days of lairy hunt-sabbing and all-night raving, with irresistible dirty bass, jittery 8-bit synths and Liam’s hoary snarl barking out an ominous fable of the hunter becoming the hunted.

**ARO – Raining Gold **ARO – pronounced ‘arrow’ – is actually Aimee Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon. The singer, who refused to be part of The Osbournes reality show many years ago, released her debut song earlier this week. A haunting track – imagine ethereal electronica with an underbelly of Nick Cave noir – backed with a nightmarish video, Raining Gold is taken from her forthcoming EP which will be released in the coming months.