's Tracks of the Week


It’s Friday, which is the one-week anniversary of our last Tracks Of The Week selection. Time to go again.

**We Are Harlot - The One **Last month Danny Worsnop left Asking Alexandria, making 80s glam revival jesters We Are Harlot his main focus. These tendencies were evident from AA’s Tribute To The Legends Of Hard Rock EP, but here Danny teams up with Sebastian Bach’s old guitarist Jeff George for a feel-good slice of rocking funk in the Aerosmith vein, with blissful burbling electric piano and a shamelessly un-ironic video paying full-blooded homage to saucy 70s comedy Carry On Girls.

Motionless In White - Break The Cycle “Definitely a circle pit type of song!” comments one fan underneath this new candelabra-heavy video on YouTube, and as Chris Motionless proves, it’s hard to resist headbanging along to this metallic surge of cyber-goth ear-candy. Blending the rhythmic bludgeon and pantomimic darkness of Cradle Of Filth with the melodic boyband choruses of Linkin Park, Break The Cycle comes from the Pennsylvania sextet’s most recent album Reincarnate, which broke the US Billboard Top 10 last September.

Black Star Riders - Finest Hour The lightest tune on the new album by the artists formerly known as Thin Lizzy, Finest Hour taps into their parent group’s occasional subcategory of winsome, chart-ready MOR for some earnest campfire strumming and emotive singalong Americana. The song is bound to divide the band’s fan base just as gentler, poppier singles like Sarah and Dancing In The Moonlight did back in Lizzy’s glory days, but the bleached-denim toe-tapper is a shoe-in for the Radio 2 drivetime schedule.

Marmozets - Broken Reflection Bingley might not be quite the centre of the rock ‘n’ roll universe, but this fast-rising band of brothers (and a sister) have become one of the hottest names to drop lately for a live show already being hailed as incendiary when the youthful group were still at school. Previously unreleased, Broken Reflection justifies the hype with its spasmodic energy and ugly/beautiful dichotomy, lurching from melodic pop via quirky math skronk to fearsome, feral intensity.

Bayside - Dancing Like An Idiot New York pop-punk veterans Bayside take aim at the decline of the Vans Warped scene that nurtured them: “You’re basically One Direction if they all had throat tattoos,” sings Anthony Raneri. Despite the vituperative sarcasm, the tone is impassioned melancholic despair: “Can’t you see the future slowly getting neutered? How can people call this art?” Mind you, a previous generation of punks said much the same about the turn-of-the-century emo scene that gave us Bayside…