's Tracks Of The Week


This instalment of Tracks Of The Week features some searing punk polemic, a Bring Me The Horizon parody, some Canadian acoustic balladry, pant-soiling electro rock and heck, a riff or two from Northern Ireland. Listen, enjoy and comment below.

**WAR ON WOMEN – Glass City **Here’s a blistering two-minute comment on the wage gap between men and women from this Baltimore feminist punk quintet. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Jawbox’s J. Robbins and is out now through Bridge Nine and is well worth checking out.

4TH ’N GOAL – Drown Milan’s pop punks 4th ‘N Goal have recorded a fast-paced, easycore homage to Bring Me The Horizon’s last single, Drown, complete with a low-budget, frame-for-frame parody of the Sheffield metallers’ promo. But instead of slick ‘50s suits and lupine transformations, 4th ’N Goal’s have opted for Hawaiian shirts and turned their drummer into a rubbish lobster. We think. It’s been a long week.

**BILLY TALENT – Chasing The Sun **A bonus track taken from their recent Hits compilation, Chasing The Sun sees the Toronto punks ease off on the caffeine-fuelled anthems and hit their phasers to ‘acoustic’. “I don’t think I was ever intending to have this song on a record because it was so different, but we decided to put it on this album because we were still in mourning for our really good friend,” explains guitarist Ian D’Sa.

**PVRIS – White Noise **To mark Massachusetts’ Pvris return to the UK in a couple of weeks as support to Lower Than Atlantis, here’s the title track from their debut album. And just to put your nerves on edge, the band have filmed a Poltergeist themed video to go along with this slowburning slice of electro-infused rock. Shut up, you’re the one who sleeps with the light on.

THERAPY? – Still Hurts This track is taken from their brand new studio album, Disquiet and offers another unsettling peek into frontman Andy Cairns mind. Still Hurts harnesses the gritty, agitated punk edge of their early recordings, adds a soupçon of thrash and garnishes their existential buffet with one of their trademark soaring choruses. They’re on tour from March 31, so miss them at your peril.