Soundtrack:’s tracks of the week


Get in! It’s Friday again. As we usher in the weekend, here’s our guide to the best new tracks that filled our ears.

OFF! – Over Our Heads

This LA punk supergroup – featuring members of Circle Jerks, Burning Brides, Rocket From The Crypt and Redd Kross – have made what could be the video of the year to accompany this sub two-minute sneer blast. It features Jack Black, a skydiving accident and an angry bear.

Angels & Airwaves – Tunnels

If Tom Delonge’s expansive guitar lines had any more of a U2 influence, it’s quite possible that their new album The Dream Walker may appear mysteriously in your iTunes library. No matter. It’s hard to believe that he can make crass dick jokes onstage with Blink-182, then deliver something like this.

The Gaslight Anthem – 1,000 Years

If you enjoyed the New Jersey quartet’s latest album Get Hurt, then you’ll have played this song to death. If you’re not familiar with this song, it’s time you got acquainted and drink in the delay pedal, multi-layered riffs and imagine you’re stranded at a diner in New Brunswick. There, that’s better.

Title Fight – Chlorine

In what’s possibly a nod to our favourite swimming pool chemical, this is the first track taken from the Pennsylvania quartet’s forthcoming album, Hyperview. While their previous album, Floral Green, had a soupçon of shoegaze drizzled into their swirling, raw-throated punk, this latest offering sounds like a band who really like Morrissey and Ride.

Pelican – The Cliff

What’s even better than a Pelican instrumental? When their mesmerising soundscapes have a hypnotic, tar-thick vocal ladled over the top, that’s what. It’s from their forthcoming EP of the same name and February can’t come quick enough, quite frankly.