Ronnie James Dio: Interviews and Features

Ronnie Dio was more than a great singer. Her was also a supreme songwriter. And the man’s entire career proves his unique value.

His rise to prominence began with Elf, was cemented in Rainbow, before he confirmed his greatness with Black Sabbath and more latterly Heaven And Hell. In addition, he fronted Dio with considerable success.,

The stories featured in this collection chart his four decade career, which included classic albums like Rising (Rainbow), Heaven & Hell (Sabbath) and Holy Diver (Dio).

Ronnie James Dio: The Early Years

Black Sabbath: The Story Behind Heaven And Hell

Heaven And Hell: Devil's Music

Rainbow: A Light In The Black

Is Heaven And Hell Black Sabbath's Finest Hour?

Rainbow: On Stage/Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

Rainbow: Live In Munich 1977

Ronnie James Dio: A Life In Metal

The Story Behind Dio's Holy Diver

Dio: Metal Detector