Raw Power: ED-PHON3S

Like most artists with an eye on merch revenue, Iron Maiden have done all manner of branded clothing and accessories, and plenty more too.

But having their ever-present mascot Eddie, it was surely only a matter of time before they had their own brand of… Edphones! Well, now they have – and no prizes for guessing that they’re called ED-PHON3S.

As we’ve bemoaned before in Raw Power, headphones have for years now been seen by many as a fashion accessory rather than a serious piece of music-listening kit, and too many of them really are just grossly overpriced, underperforming tat. Thankfully the ED-PHON3S, from Iron Maiden and award-winning Japanese electronics company Onkyo, do not fall into that category.

Maiden’s Steve Harris, who collaborated on all aspects of the design and build of the ED-PHON3S, says he wanted “a design which came even remotely close to what I felt was an acceptable sonic standard for rock/metal”. And after many months of testing and modifications he says he’s “now really happy with the final result”.

They say: “These on-ear headphones deliver even-handed power and detail at all frequencies. Fitted with two customised 40mm titanium drivers, they convey stunning clarity in the mid- and high-frequency ranges. Just as importantly, their unique ported bass sub-chambers help create a beautifully deep, muscular bottom-end response,” and loads of other stuff using techy boffin words.

We say: Forget titanium drivers and frequency ranges (although hang on to that ‘muscular bottom end’), all you really need to know is that these headphones sound great no matter what kind of music you’re listening to, sit nicely over the lugholes and are comfortable to wear even for long periods. The artwork might deter some people, but fans of Maiden will doubtless wear them with pride along with a whole outfit of Maiden clobber.

£199, www.MaidenAudio.com

IRON MAN: Corey Taylor rocks the ED-PH0N3S and talks about his love of Iron Maiden.

Stone Sour recently released their covers EP Straight Outta Burbank, which includes a cover of Iron Maiden’s Running Free. Our sister mag Metal Hammer gave Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (left) a pair of ED-PHON3S to blast out the track, and talk about his love of all things Maiden.

“It’s no secret that I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan,” Taylor says. “Because… I mean… it’s fucking Maiden, man! They’ve got so many great songs.”

To read more of Corey Taylor on Maiden, and to listen to Stone Sour’s cover of Running Free, visit metalhammer.teamrock.com

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