Proof that The Dillinger Escape Plan are the most bonkers live band on Earth

The Dillinger Escape Plan
(Image credit: Getty \/ Mark Horton)

The Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s a name that conjures images of insanity, aggression, and orchestrated violence. Having just released their final album Dissociation and heading out on the subsequent farewell tour, there is no better time to see the pioneers of animalistic experimental mayhem. Having spent nearly two decades on the road, leaving every venue covered in cuts and bruises, the New Jersey chaos merchants go as hard (if not harder) than any other band touring the world today.

If you don’t believe us, check out the phone footage below. Filmed at the Webster Hall in New York City, the absolute tank of a frontman Greg Puciato is seen hurling himself off the balcony onto the hordes of fans below. Mid-song! Yup, halfway through Prancer, which comes 14 songs into their raucous set, he goes full Icarus and jumps into the air with nothing to catch him except the mass of flesh and bone below.

But that’s not the end of it. Oh no. As you can see in the footage supplied by New York natives Candiria, TDEP invited the entire pissing venue onstage for grand finale 43% Burnt. This has to be some kind of record for the number of fans onstage at once… not that they all stay up there, as the stagedivers are still out in force.

If scenes like this don’t cement The Dillinger Escape Plan as the most exciting live band on the planet, then we strongly suggest you check them out for yourself before it’s too late. There won’t be another band like them coming along any time soon.

Greg and Ben give the full lowdown on TDEP’s implosion and decision to split in the new issue of Metal Hammer.

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