Nine Classic Rock quotes from Alex Lifeson

Officer of the Order of Canada. Guitarist. Trailer Park Boys kidnap victim. It's the great Alex Lifeson's birthday today, so here are nine Lifeson lessons whipped from the pages of Classic Rock.

“I make them up every night… it’s terrifying!” - Lifeson on his live monologues, Classic Rock issue 61

“It’s the most popular song in Mexico…ever!” - Lifeson on Closer To The Heart, Classic Rock issue 61

“Much as I like what we do in Rush, on my solo album I wanted guitar…and then some more guitar!” - Classic Rock issue 71

“We had access to two studios, and nothing else to do at night.” - Lifeson on why the Snakes & Arrows album was recorded so quickly, Classic Rock issue 107

“We’ve had some difficult times with producers. Mainly because they didn’t happen to be a producer.” - Classic Rock issue 113

“We know how boring and ordinary we are.” - Classic Rock issue 148

“It’s kind of a success story. Kids from the suburbs have a dream, and they live their dream. Everybody can relate to that.” - Classic Rock issue 148

“Our whole relationship’s based on humour – laughing and goofing around, being idiots.” - Lifeson on Rush, Classic Rock issue 148

“I definitely hear a lot of Rush in a lot of bands coming through right now.” - Classic Rock issue 179

Malcolm Dome

Malcolm Dome had an illustrious and celebrated career which stretched back to working for Record Mirror magazine in the late 70s and Metal Fury in the early 80s before joining Kerrang! at its launch in 1981. His first book, Encyclopedia Metallica, published in 1981, may have been the inspiration for the name of a certain band formed that same year. Dome is also credited with inventing the term "thrash metal" while writing about the Anthrax song Metal Thrashing Mad in 1984. With the launch of Classic Rock magazine in 1998 he became involved with that title, sister magazine Metal Hammer, and was a contributor to Prog magazine since its inception in 2009. He died in 2021