The Six Best New Songs You’ll Hear All Week

Green Day, Puscifer, Steel Panther, Devin Townsend Project, Jimmy Eat World and Sixx AM

Join us as we march with unfaltering purpose through rock’s bountiful orchard to pick six of the tastiest rock offerings from the riff tree, then scoff the lot in one gluttonous sitting.

GREEN DAY – Say Goodbye

Green Day just topped the album charts in a million countries with their twelfth album, Revolution Radio. And rightly so – it’s a stellar return to form thanks to songs like this, which offer incisive socio-political commentary and a healthy dose of the California band’s mature-yet-snotty punk rock.


There’s been some rivalry between nu-metal icons Papa Roach and Steel Panther in recent years, but it looks like beef is finally off the menu. At any rate, the former’s drummer, Tony Palermo, features in the Panther’s Cheap Trick cover video, alongside Robin Zander, Paris Michael Jackson and Bobbie Brown.


Jimmy Eat World have gone all mature on their new record. That’s not to say that their new songs are about mortgages, endowment policies or maybe having a early night. That’d be preposterous. This, the opening track from Integrity Blues is different to their previous albums, but still has their stamp all over it.

PUSCIFER – The Arsonist

A lot of people are probably fantasising about giving Donald Trump his just desserts, but Puscifer – the sinister, sometimes playful side-project of Tool’s Maynard James Keenan – have actually done so. Only in this Adult Swim-esque animated video mind, but a cartoon Ronda Rousey giving him what for is still a wonderful sight to behold.


Along with death and taxes, you can always count on the Devin Townsend Project to make remarkably odd and enjoyable videos. This slice of apocalyptic surrealism is no exception, and truly brings an already portentous, apocalyptic music to life.

SIXX:A.M. – We Will Not Go Quietly

While his Mötley Crüe bandmate Vince Neil has been avoiding jail time of late, Nikki Sixx is keeping busy with side-project Sixx:A.M. This song very much lives up to its title – an anthemic, high-voltage that builds to an impressive crescendo of squalling guitars.

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