The 10 best new bands you'll hear all month

A round up of the best new bands featuring Vodun, White Miles, Tiny Giant and more

Is time finite, infinite, cyclical or multi-dimensional? Whatever the answer is, there doesn’t seem to be enough of it.

That’s why we’ve scoured the virtual pages of Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog and Blues and TeamRock to bring you a round-up of the best new bands that you really need to check out, right now. From soaring post-hardcore to skull crushing riff merchants to gravely blues rock, there’s definitely something here to float your water vessel.

Delve in and comment below.

New Band Of The Week: Making Monsters

Tiny Giant - the new band from Pure Reason Revolution's Chloë Alper

High Hopes: White Miles – Pole dancing. Broken noses. Revenge.

Bluesbreakers: Broken Witt Rebels

High Hopes: Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – the last band to support AC/DC?

New Band Of The Week: Vôdûn

New Noise: Jonestown

New Noise: Wytch Hazel

New Noise: Ghost Bath

New Band of the Week: Fangclub