Louder's Tracks Of The Week: New music from Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators and more


We might have only been able to fit one name into our headline this week (thanks for that, guys), but there's more than just Slash to fill your ears with this week. We've got Finnish noise rock, Native American alt-indie and everyone's favourite double-chin piercee David Draiman, who's back with Disturbed's new single. But before all that, it's time to announce the winners of last week's vote – hearty congratulations to the three who nabbed the podium places, particularly Shinedown who romped into first.

3. The Joy Formidable - The Wrong Side
2. Skating Polly - Camelot
1. Shinedown - Get Up

Now onto this week's big question: which of this week's songs will be crowned fairest of them all? Well, the only way to work that out is to listen to each of the tracks below. But first, let's take a look back at last week's winner.

Slash ft Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Mind Your Manners

You may have heard the news this week that Slash is back, and here are the fruits of his labour. We'll let Slash describe the song, as he's probably best placed to do it: “I wrote this song on the spot to help the band get up and running once we got back in the studio this past January. It’s just a go-for-it type of song. Pretty straightforward rock and fun to play.”

Basement Revolver - Heavy Eyes

Canadian dream rockers go all-out shoegazey grunge pop in brooding new single Heavy Eyes, a song which wearily tackles the exhaustion that comes from modern life. Vocalist Chrisy Hurn says of the track: “Heavy Eyes is about feeling really tired. And life is hard when you are really tired."

IDLES - Great

IDLES release official single number three from upcoming album Joy As An Act Of Resistance, a glorious punk rock stomper that tackles Brexit, the divisions tearing the UK apart and how we can learn to better understand one another. On the track, singer Joe Talbot says: “Let us go forward with open minds and open hearts into that fuck off fire we've started. No blame, no hate. Just love and a blue passport.”

Disturbed - Are You Ready

Ooh wah ah ah ah! Disturbed are back, and in this new single they channel a different nu metal deity by asking Are You Ready with this futuristic slice of alt metal which takes aim at the digital age. On the new material, vocalist David Draiman says: “It is with tremendous pride, joy, and anticipation that we look forward to sharing the next chapter in the creative life of Disturbed with the world. This record is truly unique, and very special to us, and we can only hope that upon listening to it, that the world will feel the same."

Black Belt Eagle Scout - Just Lie Down

Taken from Katherine Paul's – AKA Black Belt Eagle Scout – upcoming debut, this track kicks off with 45 seconds of scratchy, unwieldy feedback, before going on to explore feelings of detachment and instability through a prism of haunting indie-tinged alt-rock. On the track, Paul says: “I like to find some sort of resolution in my songs, be it a feeling I get from playing it, a certain part of the song that has lyrics that reflect it, something. My resolution in this song is when I sing the lyrics, ‘Just lie down, head on the ground, sky looks blue, just like you.’ To me, it was a simple poem you could say to yourself that means even though you are sad, even though there seems like there is no hope, look up and see what is above you. The sky is still blue and beautiful. Hopefully you will see that beauty and move forward.”

The Kinks - Time Song

The Kinks are back! Well, sort of. This previously unreleased track is taken from an upcoming 50th anniversary reissue of the band's The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society album, and uses its soothing, pastoral 70s pop rock to give us a pertinent British history lesson. Ray Davies says of the track: “When we played a concert at Drury Lane in 73 to ‘celebrate’ us about to join what was called the Common Market, I decided to use the song as a warning that time was running out for the old British Empire. This song was recorded a few weeks later but never made the final cut on the Preservation Act I album. Oddly enough, the song seems quite poignant and appropriate to release at this time in British history, and like Europe itself the track is a rough mix which still has to be finessed.”

Death Valley Girls - Disaster (Is What We're After)

Ever wanted to know what Iggy Pop looks like whilst consuming a hamburger? Well, you shall wonder no longer thanks to this excellent new video from Death Valley Girls. The song has a lot to live up to with an accompanying vid like this, but the nihilistic sing-along rock'n'roll does the job. On the track, the band say: "Having Iggy dig our music was more than amazing for us. When Kansas told us she had a dream about recreating the ‘Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger’ short film but with Iggy starring for our music video, we were cautiously excited about the possibility. Next thing we know we’re in Miami with Iggy himself, and a rock'n'roll dream became reality!”

Throat - Born Old

Imagine if Girls Against Boys and 21st century Afghan Whigs got together with Steve Albini to make some horrible, wonderful noise rock, and you're about there with this track. It's really good. On the song, the Finnish band say: "[This is] a deliberate effort to break some formulas we always fall into when writing music. To most people it might sound like the same drivel we always do and in spite of the fact that they're probably right, we're proud of our song. Lyrically, Born Old is about feeling bad in every which way possible. Feeling good is overrated anyway. Plus there's a Coil reference in the lyrics, see if you can spot that!"

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