Louder's Tracks Of The Week: New music from Axl Rose, Dream Theater and more


Last week we reported that 2019 was taking its time to clunk into gear where new music was concerned, but fear not dear reader: this week has seen the goods delivered from every corner of the rock world. Axl Rose made his comeback with his first new track in 10 years – a not un-AC/DCish number which has raised eyebrows about the possibility that Axl's been writing for the band – served replete with a vaguely bewildering Looney Tunes collab video. There's also a stinging rebuke of Trump's America from bluesman Gary Clark Jr., Mark Morton's furious collaboration with the late Chester Bennington, brand new noise from Canadian punks Cancer Bats and plenty more between.

But now, we turn to the winners of last week's vote. Life's hard when you find yourself pitted against national hero Brian May, a fact confirmed by the fact he scooped an unbelievable 90% of the vote last week. Never mind, everyone else – and congrats to the other two who placed.

3. John 5 and The Creatures - Zoinks!
2. Bring Me The Horizon - Medicine
1. Brian May - New Horizons

But who will be crowned victor this week? Well, that's down to you. Get the 15 tunes below in your ears and then vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page. Every vote counts! For now, a look back at Brian May's space-aged winning tune.

Disclaimer: We don't usually include videos in our round-up since we switched to the Spotify playlist format, but Axl Rose's song isn't on Spotify and we wanted you to hear it. Not like Axl to be difficult, eh?! Check out his track in the video below, and the rest in the playlist beneath it.

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