Listen to the new Puscifer album in full


Metal Hammer are streaming Puscifer’s new album Money Shot in full below – you need to listen to it!

Climbing from the deranged mind of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, Puscifer’s latest record Money Shot is another prime example of how to keep alternative rock alternative.

Speaking recently about the new album, Maynard also revealed plans of a new live show alongside it.

“As is the modus operandi of Puscifer, there will be a whole new show to accompany the Money Shot release. We’ve been leaving a few clues here and there as to what it may entail.

“As usual, we prefer to show rather than tell. Odds are, if you’ve been a fan of the diverse nature of our performances in the past, you’ll want to go ahead and place those bets.”

Listen to Money Shot below ahead of its release this Friday.

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