Listen to a demented, 70-minute remix of an iconic Phil Collins drum break

Phil Collins

Phil Collins’ iconic drum break from In The Air Tonight may be one of the most famous in music, but that doesn’t stop people messing with it. Take a wander around YouTube and you’ll find numerous instructional videos and hundreds of covers. 

It’s been used to dramatic affect in a Miami Vice montage, and been famously played by a Gorilla advertising chocolate. It’s been looped for ten minutes, and if that isn’t enough to satisfy even the most maniacal of listeners, it’s been looped for 30.

Perhaps the ultimate remix comes courtesy of Joseph Prein, a resident of Denton, Texas. He’s taken the original drum break and used it in triplicate: one version stays at the original speed, while another plays 0.1% faster and the third 0.1% slower. The three parts start off in sync, but slowly evolve into something altogether more disorientating before gradually realigning. 

We’ve not listened to the whole 70-minute track because we're concerned that doing so might lead to permanent psychiatric damage. Or not. Your mileage may vary.

How long can you listen for?

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