Remember when Lamb Of God tore through a classic Sacrament track and jumped off some amplifiers live on Late Night?

Lamb Of God performing live on Late Night in 2007
(Image credit: NBC via YouTube/Koi No Yokan)

Lamb Of God were arguably the hottest band in metal in 2007. The Virginia wrecking crew had already been frontmen for the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal since the turn of the millennium, yet 2004’s Ashes Of The Wake and especially 2006’s Sacrament demanded the wider mainstream’s attention. Off the back of breakthrough single Redneck, the band were getting nominated for a Grammy and – on February 9, 2007 – made their network TV debut.

It’s courtesy of that unsung champion of heavy metal Conan O’Brien that Randy Blythe and his band first rocked the airwaves. That band graced the Late Night show with their presence as the host’s musical guests, immediately breaking into Pathetic: a stomping deep cut from Sacrament. It sounds reliably, neck-breakingly heavy in the heat of the moment, with Randy’s vocals losing none of their force since they were first tracked for the album a year prior.

The band also bring some anarchic showmanship to the brief four-minute slot. As the song rampages towards its conclusion, Randy climbs the amplifier behind guitarist Mark Morton and takes a wild leap. Clearly the punk rock rebellion he spent his formative years around was still a part of him, even while the band were sprinting their way into mainstream prominence.

It was the start of a banner year for Lamb Of God. Although the 2007 Grammy Award For Best Metal Performance didn’t go to Redneck, instead being won by Slayer’s Eyes Of The Insane, the band toured extensively with Killswitch Engage and played a now-iconic set at Download Festival. They also found time to return to Conan’s show within the same year.

“It doesn’t make a difference for us,” ex-drummer Chris Adler told Hammer of the mainstream attention. “I think it does in the bigger picture, for a band like us to do things like the Grammys and Conan, I think it’s great for our kind of music. I think we’re part of that giant foot that’s kicking the door open a little. It is a little awkward for us, because it’s not the normal path for how these things go.”

Watch Lamb Of God on Late Night below:

Matt Mills
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