Kids react to Red Hot Chili Peppers

A still from the Kids React To Red Hot Chili Peppers video

It was over 30 years ago that Red Hot Chili Peppers burst onto the scene, tube socks and all. From humble college rock beginnings, over the past three decades they’ve established themselves as veritable fuck-rock pioneers, developing a back catalogue of genuinely varied and distinct music.

But what do the youth of today make of Kiedis and co? With a majority of the music produced when their parents were just kids themselves – which is why you’ll hear many of them admit that they already know the songs thanks to their dads blasting them in the car – how does their 80s funk translate to kids brought up on a diet of Bieber and Beyoncé?

Well, surprisingly well, in fact. From the sweet and earnest Tyler F, 13, who laments with his head in his hands the fact he was going to wear his RCHP shirt today and self-consciously sings along to every single song, to the 11-year-old Kelis eventually won around by Under The Bridge, it seems that with the exception of Jaxon, 13, the kids are still down with Kiedis and his kooky ways. Some choice quotes below:

“I wasn’t fully into it. I liked the beats but, like… they sounded too crazy.”

“I’m trying to work out what he’s saying, but it’s not working out too well.”

“City Of Angels? That’s strange… you should be dead, then.”

“It’s kinda depressing.”

“It this about him… liking a girl or something?”

“Yeah… not feeling it.”

“This song’s weird, I have to say.”

“The guitar solo is just… everything

“They look kinda weird.”

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