Just how metal is Firewind's Gus G?

A press shot of Gus G

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

“I stole a guitar pickup from a store when I was 15. Don’t read this and think it’s cool – it isn’t! I’m not a thief, I’ve never stolen anything else in my life, but I really wanted this expensive DiMarzio pickup for my Fender Stratocaster because Joe Satriani had it. I planned it all – I wore my dad’s baggy sweatpants so I could hide it and went in on a quiet morning. I put it in my pocket and I started breathing so fast and I got cold sweats when I left. My parents found out a few months later and I got a real bollocking for it. I still have the pickup. I thought about returning it but the store closed… I wonder why! ”

What’s the most metal album you own?

“All my Black Sabbath albums – Tony Iommi’s worst album is still better than most metal albums ever made. I love both Ozzy and Dio, they’re both fucking amazing so I could never choose between them.”

What’s the worst injury you have ever had?

“I haven’t had any serious injuries, I’m very careful about breaking bones in my arms because that’s how I make my living. I’ve hurt muscles through working out but that’s about it.”

What’s the most you’ve ever been sick?

“You know those guys who can take alcohol? I’m the other guy. I got so drunk when I was in high school that I was vomiting for two days. I still do it as a grown-up, though! Last winter, me and my friends got super-drunk and I went behind the bar to serve drinks. Nobody gave me permission for that shit, but the beer came out all foamy so I must’ve ruined a few barrels. I was still sick for days.”

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever had in your mouth?

“I had this Carl’s Jr burger in America and it tasted like dick so I threw it away immediately! I worry about it because I tour America loads and I never want that again. You just can’t avoid junk food when you’re on tour, though – you either eat a dick or you go hungry.”

What’s the worst fight you’ve ever been in?

“I don’t physically fight because I’m protective of my fists, but the most hurtful fights are with my woman. Most guys will say they’d rather be hit by Mike Tyson than get a bollocking off their lady – it’s the worst feeling ever.”

When was the last time you bled?

“A couple of weeks ago, I had a tooth removed to put braces on. I’m 36 years old but I need to straighten out my teeth because I want that Hollywood smile. I’ve had wisdom teeth out before that needed six or seven stitches, but it still hurts like a bitch.”

What’s the rarest piece of merchandise you own?

“I have a £12,000 Fender Stratocaster reissue of a Gary Moore 1961 model and they only made 60. It sounds amazing, you get that Jimi Hendrix sound as soon as you plug it in. It’s totally antiqued, it’s beaten up exactly the way Gary had it. The neck is all fucked up, the metal tremolo and the tuners are rusty… it’s one of my most precious possessions.”

What’s your most painful tattoo or piercing?

“My arms hurt the most at the elbow. I sat through a five-hour session and when he got to my elbow I said, ‘Dude, you either stop now or I punch you in the mouth.’ I now have leaves that are half-shaded because I couldn’t take it.”

What’s the most metal picture on your phone?

“It’s a photo of me and Rob Halford hanging out. He’s a metal god so I don’t think it gets more metal than that.”

Final score: 7⁄10

Gus knows his stuff when it comes to the good stuff, but never bumping fists or getting injured costs him a few points.


Gus G: No assholes allowed