Gus G: No assholes allowed


Gus G says good personality was more important than talent when it came to picking musicians for his solo band tour.

The Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Firewind mainman believes life on the road is stressful enough without having to work with people who don’t get on, as he supports debut solo album I Am The Fire.

G tells GuitarMania: “Character is as important, if not more important, than musical skill. Nobody wants to spend 24 hours on a bus for a year with an asshole.

“Touring can become such a miserable place if you don’t get along with someone. There’s always one asshole, but not on this tour – we’re all brothers.”

He last month last month confirmed a follow-up record in the works. Now he reports: “It’s a continuation of the first one. It’s going to be probably more modern rock stuff this time. Still in the hard rock vein.

“Some songs are a bit more riff-orientated this time, some more riffing in there. There’s still going to be a couple of instrumentals, for all the guitar freaks out there — some shredding.”