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It's the Cannibal Corpse Christmas song you never knew you wanted

Cannibal Corpse

Christmas is about coming together. Family and friends, cheese and wine, turkey and stuffing, gore and orchestras... it's all a rich tapestry that makes up the spirit of Christmas.

YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt (opens in new tab) (the guy behind the Benny Hill x Slayer mashup) has brought together the unlikely pairing of the Firelands Symphony and Cannibal Corpse for a blood-curdling feast of festive fury.

As the symphony tinkle their way through The Christmas Song, Chris Barnes' guttural growls of Hammer Smashed Face bulldoze through any semblance of holiday cheer. It's not a rendition likely to go down well at the old folk's home.

Check out the mashup below and delight and how wonderfully over the top Cannibal Corpse's lyrics actually are.