Is this the most cringeworthy moment on television?

There are two things in life that truly defy logic and reasoning: toaster settings and celebrities miming to songs on television.

The typical toaster has two settings. Pick the wrong one and it will ruin your day. But what can you do when all you have is one setting for Hot Coal and the less popular option, Hello, Is That The Fire Brigade?

But this scorched bread whimsy pales into insignificance when compared to the US programme Lip Sync Battle; a ‘musical reality show’ where overexcited celebrities mouth along to popular songs to win the acceptance of a roomful of braying strangers.

This week, Comedy Central UK has been heavily plugging an episode which features pouting Canadian man-child Justin Bieber. Normally, we’d either make a mental note to kick the television screen into dust if it happens again, but when we noticed he’d picked the Ozzy classic Crazy Train, our curiosity was well and truly piqued.

He may have the Double O’s onstage mannerisms down to a fine art and can effortlessly summon up the glare of a man who’s tattooed their own knees in prison, but is this the most cringeworthy TV moment ever?

Watch the clip below and make up your own mind.

Of course, the Biebs and Ozzy go way back. Five years, actually. Here’s a photo of the unlikely duo on the set of Best Buy’s inaugural Big Game TV advert. We’re not sure what they’re selling, but we think it’s something to do with Tron.

Bieber and Osbourne in 2011

Bieber and Osbourne in 2011 (Image credit: Getty)

Lip Sync Battle is on Comedy Central UK on March 2 at 9pm. Other programmes are available.