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In Pictures: The ultimate jam tribute to Lemmy

Rex Brown from Pantera
Rex Brown jamming Mot\u00f6rhead

Ahead of a special Lemmy statue being unveiled at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, neighbouring club Whisky A Go Go held a special jam session featuring the members of Ultimate Jam Night and more!

Members of Quiet Riot, Pantera, LA Guns, King’s X, Butcher Babies and more rocketed through over 20 tracks of Motörhead, Saxon, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and everything else you could want on a Tuesday night.

Chuck Wright with The Iron Maidens

Chuck Wright with The Iron Maidens (Image credit: Stephanie Cabral)

The mass of revolving band members swapped in and out to celebrate the life of Lemmy and deliver their rendition of a bona fide rock ‘n’ roll classic. Throughout the night many unseen tag-teams of rock were formed, from Jesse Snider and Tracii Guns leading the pack through We Are The Road Crew to Carla Harvey and Rex Brown adding a metallic edge to Ace Of Spades – that you can see below!

Lemmy’s girlfriend Cheryl Keuleman was also in attendance at the Whisky, getting onstage and being serenaded by King’s X’s Doug Pinnick – well, as much as you can be serenaded during Jailbreak.

Doug Pinnick and Lemmy' girlfriend Cheryl Keuleman

Doug Pinnick and Lemmy' girlfriend Cheryl Keuleman (Image credit: Stephanie Cabral)

But what did the rest of the night look like? Check out our gallery below to make yourself seriously jealous.

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Ira Black

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Tim Yeung

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Phil Varone

Image 5 of 17

Tracii Guns

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Frankie Banali

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Carla Harvey

Image 8 of 17

Rex Brown

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Dug Pinnick

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Carla Harvey

Image 11 of 17

Johnny Kelly

Image 12 of 17

Rex Brown

Image 13 of 17

Doug Pinnick with Lemmy's girlfriend Cheryl Keuleman

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Image 15 of 17

The Iron Maidens with Chuck Wright

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Jesse Snider

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All photos by Stephanie Cabral.


  1. Motorhead
  2. Overkill
  3. No Class
  4. Hell Raiser
  5. Silver Machine
  6. Born To Raise Hell
  7. Killed By Death
  8. Crazy Train
  9. I’m So Bad…
  10. Ace Of Spades
  11. Green Manalishi
  12. Trooper
  13. Iron Fist
  14. Jailbreak
  15. Mama I’m Coming Home
  16. We Are The Road Crew
  17. Damage Case
  18. Wheels Of Steel
  19. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
  20. Goodbye To Romance
  21. Sympathy For The Devil

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