Hideo Kojima returns to Playstation with Death Stranding

Death Stranding game

Hideo Kojima was a special guest at Sony’s E3 press conference this week to unveil his first game after leaving Konami.

Death Stranding is his new game and all that was really revealed during his short appearance on Sony’s stage was digital versions of the game’s star, Norman Reedus’s butt cheeks as his character wakes naked up on an oil-soaked beach surrounded dead sea life.

There are five mysterious figures watching the devastation hovering in the distance over the ocean but that was about as much as the trailer woiuld give away.

It was all very cryptic and you can see for your self in the trailer below. This is typical of Hideo Kojima though preferring to be cryptic and mysterious about his games before he’s 100 percent ready to show them off.

Expect this to release on the PS4 exclusively no earlier than Christmas 2017 but it’s more likely to be pushed into 2018.