Hendrix: The Gigs That Changed History – #5 Ready Steady Go!


Chris Britton (The Troggs): When we used to frequent the greasy spoon up Denmark Street in 1966, we knew Mitch Mitchell as a short-haired mod. At the end of the year we were on the edition of Ready Steady Go! on which the Experience made their TV debut.

***Roger Mayer (guitar effects pedals maker): ***I said: “Damn, this guy is incredible.” He was the epitome of what any rock guitarist should be. We had no one of that calibre in England.

***Marc Bolan: ***It was amazing to watch him [in the *Ready Steady Go! *TV studio] for the first time. Everyone else used to use backing tracks, but he was going to play live, because they got him on the show the same day. I was in the control room with the producer, just sitting about, when they started Hey Joe, and this old lady really freaked out and said: “Turn the backing track down!” Because it was really loud. All the machines were shaking. And they said: “But there is no backing track.”

***Chris Britton: ***They were miming, but both the music and the act were stunning. I hardly recognised Mitch with this alarming Afro, just like Jimi’s. A few months later you’d see that hairstyle everywhere, even back in Andover.

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