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Heavy Metal World Cup: Sepultura vs Underside

Sepultura vs Underside

The final quarter final in the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018 is Sepultura (representing Brazil) versus Underside (representing Nepal).

In the opening round, Sepultura defeated the Indonesian powerhouse Burgerkill and Underside held off Botswana death metallers Wrust. But who will go on to semi finals to face Immortal?

Here's how the two bands compare.


Members: 4
Albums: 14
Genre: Groove/thrash metal
Biggest Song: Roots Bloody Roots
Most Likely To: Refuse and resist


Members: 4
Albums: 1
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Satan In Your Stereo
Most Likely To: Fuck the system

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!