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Heavy Metal World Cup: Gojira vs Immortal

Gojira vs Immortal

The seventh match in the first round of the Heavy Metal World Cup is Gojira (representing France) vs Immortal (representing Norway). 

Both bands have big summers ahead of them. Immortal are releasing their new album Northern Chaos Gods in July – the first since the departure of Abbath – and Gojira are headlining Bloodstock festival in August. 

Here's how the two bands match up on paper.


Members: 4
Albums: 6
Genre: Progressive metal
Biggest Song: The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Most Likely To: Save the whales


Members: 2
Albums: 8
Genre: Black metal
Biggest Song: All Shall Fall
Most Likely To: Start a snowball fight

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!