Hammers' Tracks Of The Week: 24/8/15 - 30/8/15


It’s Reading and Leeds festival weekend and we’re currently nursing a Metallica sized hangover from the night before. But this is what’s getting us through this blurry mess…

Parkway Drive – Crushed

Lewis Somerscales (Art Editor): ”Table flipping metal.”

Earthside – Mob Mentality

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large): “Amazing song, killer video, several metric fucktons of audacious ambition… I quite like these Earthside chaps. Embrace the prog, kids.”

Myrkur – Hævnen

Alexander Milas (Editor-In-Chief): “Riveting, blackened wrath from a rising star. The new album, M is out this week via Relapse – check it out!”

Counting Days – Liberated Sounds

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor): “One of countless crushers from the best British metal debut of the year so far.”

Deafheaven – Brought To The Water

Luke Morton (Online Editor): “Punishing post-black metal drowning in shoegaze fuzz and anguish.”

Bring Me The Horizon – True Friends

Eleanor Goodman (Features Editor): “A bitter sentiment formed into an upbeat and persistent earworm.”