Guess the famous musician behind Slipknot's masks

(Image credit: Future)

Incase you hadn't heard, Slipknot have released a filter for the Facebook app where you can take a picture of yourself or a friend wearing any of the members current We Are Not Your Kind masks. 

We had a go in the Hammer office, and managed to kill at least half an hour trying on all of the band's onstage personas. 

This got us thinking... what if we disguised some of the biggest male rockstars in the world as members of Slipknot – could our readers tell who they are? Would we all be fooled if one of these guys got on stage in Corey's mask and started belting out People=Shit? Could audiences tell it wasn't Shawn underneath the clown? 

So we decided to have some fun and cover nine different male rockstars' mugs with the nine new masks!

Have a look for yourself and see if you can guess who is hiding underneath each member's disguise...