Grill 'Em All: When Metal And Fast Food Collide

Seeing as it’s summer it’s time for us all to be healthy, detox, and have a nice salad. On the other hand we could carry on like we always do and gorge on burgers, pizza and fried chicken. Here are some of the times when metal and fast food have crossed paths before.

Mac Sabbath

While there’s probably plenty of cover bands out there with guys who look a bit like Tony Iommi, or a dude who looks a bit like Ozzy, this has to be the best Sabbath tribute act on the planet. Fronted by Ronald Osbourne and joined by a host of McDonald’s characters, the band’s ‘drive-thru metal’ sees them turn the likes of Iron Man into ‘Frying Pan’ and Paranoid into ‘Pair Of Buns’.

Coq Roq

For a 2004 as campaign to promote their Chicken Fries, Burger King created their own fictional metal band called Coq Roq. The song they put out wasn’t actually half bad for a pretend band wearing chicken masks. Although it didn’t go down well with everyone, in particular one Corey Taylor who saw it as a parody of Slipknot and threatened legal action.


In terms of back stories the guitar virtuoso and Slash replacement in G n’ R’s is so ridiculous it makes WWE’s Kane sound completely normal. Allegedly Buckethead was raised by chickens who scratched his face off so he had to wear a mask. The chicken bucket came about when the evil farmers that owned the chickens threw a bucket of fried chicken into the pen to mock them. Buckethead tried to piece the deep fried chicken backtogether again but had no luck – he still wears the chicken bucket on his head to this day. Okay…


It was a sad day for metal when GWAR frontman Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus passed away. The future of GWAR was in doubt but Vulvatron came to the rescue traveling from the year 69000 to front GWAR – meaning the BBQ could go ahead, and act as a fitting tribute for Brockie. As well as hosting an array of metal bands, there’s plenty of meat to chow down on, all doused in the band’s own GWAR-B-Q sauce. It looks delicious but knowing their stage show it’s probably best not to think about the ingredients.

Dethklok’s Nathan Explosion Gets A Fast Food Job

It’s every rock star’s worst fear – that the sex, drugs and rock n roll life of excess will come to an end and they’ll have to find a real job. It’s happened to plenty of bands over the years, and it’s this sort of nightmare that happens to Dethklok’s Nathan Explosion in Metalocalypse. In a dream that sees his band mates pecked to death by crows, and faced with no back up career to fall back on he ends up working in the brilliantly named Dimmu Burger.

Black Metal KFC

A lot of things spring to mind when you think of black metal. Scandinavia, corpse paint, burning churches, a Zinger Tower meal. Okay, maybe the last one isn’t such an obvious fit, but according to this KFC advert your favourite purveyors of black metal like nothing better than sitting down with some fried chicken post show.

Kuma’s Corner

There’s been plenty of metal meals over the years, be it the Slayer pizza, While She Sleeps’ The North Stands For No Meat vegan burger, and of course the Mastodon hot dog. However perhaps the most metal eats you can get are at Kuma’s Corner in Chicago, featuring burgers inspired by Black Sabbath, Korn, Ghost and many more.

Ronald McDonald Rocks Out To Slipknot

Oh YouTube, you never fail to turn up gold, such as this clip in which the Big Mac and McNugget peddling clown can be seen rocking out to Slipknot’s My Plague. Perhaps the most impressive thing is he actually looks even creepier than Shawn does normally.