Gary Clark Jr: "We Went To Outer Space On This Album".

“When I was recording this album,” says Gary Clark Jr, “I wanted to go back to when I was twelve years old and there were no rules and I didn’t really understand what I was doing, I was just trying everything.”

As he told Classic Rock Magazine show host, Nicky Horne, “When I first started listening to music I used to visualise it as colours and pay attention to everything; bass, drums, guitars, keys, strings, horns, whatever, so I really wanted to use the full spectrum - like I used to - when I went in to making this album and not restrict myself in any way or hold back, or think about it too much as an artiste!

“It’s adventurous, sonically speaking. I was really adamant about testing myself and pushing it to the limit, and we did that, we sort of went to outer space on this one.“

Gary Clark Jr recorded an exclusive three track acoustic session for The Blues and* Classic Rock Magazine* Shows, to listen to his scintillating take on The Healing then click the link below.

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Philip Wilding

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