This is what it would look like if Freddie Mercury and Bruce Lee were BFFs

Someone has created an alternative world using Freddie Mercury and Bruce Lee toys
(Image credit: Atto Suekichiii)

Stop what you’re doing and sit down to fully enjoy what you’re about to see.

Tokyo Twitter user すえきち has created a strange sitcom-like world where Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury and martial artist Bruce Lee are friends, and has 15,700 followers to date. Even with the use of Google translate, we have no idea what’s going on in each of the panels below – but maybe some things are beyond the grasp of human comprehension. All we know is that it’s amazing and want to see more.

Freddie and Bruce in… Do Not Touch

Bruce sees a ornament of a goddess and can’t resist touching it. It breaks. Freddie looks unimpressed with Bruce’s attempts to fix it.

Freddie and Bruce in… We’re Aliens

In this scene, the duo appear to be praying to a Rilakkuma air fan. Their quiet evening in is ruined by the arrival of the Predator and Alien. Underwear-filling chaos ensues.

Freddie and Bruce in… Beer Over

Our protagonists are enjoying a few bottles of suds and having a lovely time. Their fun comes to an end when Mace Windu from the very worst Star Wars film arrives and admonishes the pair.

Freddie and Bruce in… Cannot Hear

We’re not sure what’s happening but it appears that Bruce is communicating with Freddie via a press conference. He pretends he can’t hear Freddie and gets deafened as a result. He was asking for it, to be fair.

Freddie and Bruce in… Bowling

The Enter The Dragon star hits Freddie squarely in the nuts with a bowling ball. A cruel end to what could have been a fun evening.

Freddie and Bruce in… Tennis

The pair are playing tennis. That’s it really. Not sure if the tennis balls are trying to say something quietly. May they’re saying, ‘What the fuck is happening?’

Freddie and Bruce in… Pancake

With some flour, eggs and milk, Bruce and Freddie prepare a gigantic pancake in a modest kitchen. Bruce’s jeet kune do can’t help him toss the pancake with any degree of flair and lands on his pal’s face. Freddie looks annoyed.

Freddie and Bruce in… Crane Game

No matter how steady your hand is, those arcade games are built to empty your pockets. Freddie appears unsuccessful this time, so his mate steps in to deliver a roundhouse kick and is swiftly apprehended by lamp-headed security guard. No prizes today.

Follow Freddie and Bruce’s adventures here.

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