Finland's occult rockers Jess And The Ancient Ones unveil a trippy new track

Jess And The Ancient Ones promo pic 2017, by Jarkko Pietarinen
(Image credit: Jarkko Pietarinen)

Once asked if he practiced black or white magic, occult artist extraordianaire - and mate of Aleister Crowley - Austin Osman Spare snorted derisively and declared ‘Magic’s colourful’. It’s a perspective that Finland’s Jess And The Ancient Ones have hewn to for the last seven years, their own take on vintage-toned, mystic-minded psychedelic rock growing ever more expansive and carnivalesque with each release.

With their third album, The Horse And Other Weird Tales, due to materialise through the Svart Records portal on December 1, we have a special preview in the shadowy yet still kaleidoscopically hued form of a video for the track Minotaure. Driven by the customarily untouchable, bluesy vocals of their eponymous frontwoman, and enhanced further by rivers of Hammond organ and some splendid knitwear, this is a journey into labyrinthine realms in search of illumination, and will have you wigging out long before its 2:34 run time is over.

Free your mind and enter the rad, bad and utterly groovy world of Minotaure below!

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And pre-order The Horse And Other Weird Tales here!

Jonathan Selzer

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