Fad gadgets: The gizmos putting the prog into progress

a press shot of the fender speakers

Fender bluetooth speakers

In an ideal world I’d stop going on about Bluetooth speakers here, but companies will insist on coming up with unusual spins on the old formula. Fender’s Monterey and the Newport are inspired by the ‘68 Custom amps, and have the iconic grille, knobs and labelling. The Monterey needs plugging into a wall but packs a powerful 120W punch, while the Newport is portable and gives you 12 hours of music on a single charge.


Luzli Roller MK01

It’s the eternal headphone dilemma. The small ones which fit inside your ears can feel a bit insubstantial. The big ones, however, are rather big. Where do you put them when you’re not using them? I mean, they’ll often come in a special bag, or box, but where do you put that? This Swiss-made pair solves the problem with a Rolex watch-like headband, with metal links of “aircraft-grade aluminium” that roll up in a similar way, allowing the headphones to pop into your pocket. Unfortunately, they cost £2,300.


Eco-friendly guitar

Deadheads will be aware of the kind of causes supported by The Jerry Garcia Foundation, set up after the death of the former Grateful Dead frontman: humanitarian, artistic and environmental. To mark Garcia’s 75th birthday, this eco-friendly, completely plastic-free guitar has been crafted by custom guitar maker Tom Lieber in conjunction with the foundation, and has one of Garcia’s etchings on the fingerboard. It’s a one-off, so you can’t buy it, or play it, but you’ll be able to look at it if you happen to be attending one of the foundation’s forthcoming fundraisers.


Fad gadgets: The gizmos putting the prog into progress

Three gadgets currently putting the prog into progress

Fad Gadgets: The gizmos currently putting the prog in progress

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